Architect Jean-Jacques Ory built the hotel in a quiet park surrounded by lush greenery.  Ory developed his plans in compliance with International ecological building practices in an effort to evolve the oh-so common luxury resort that is commonplace in this part of the world. 

The design is clean and modern with a beachy twist. The poolside bar (as well as the restaurant) is built with light gray sandstone (found locally) and stained wood.  These details give the hotel a “lived-in” appeal.  This balances out the modernism of hristophe Pillet’s glossy vases, sleek lighting details, and curvy, clean, “futuristic” seating.  Pillet has a gift for working with primary colors and wood grain without ever crossing into the dreaded “unhip” territory.  The rooms can, in certain instances, be a call back to the 1970’s, but it never really “goes there” because of Pillet’s gift for edgy shapes (his domed ceilings, for instance).  Pillet easily infuses a “grown up” room with a lot of playfulness.   The clear showers for two and the bathtubs are an absolutely delicious reminder that hotel rooms are meant for adventure. via