Technology has revolutionized the way people appreciate art and design. It is expected that there will be radical tech changes to that will enhance the interior this will center on smartphones and their paired apps. In a featured post by Architizer, it revealed that home design and tech are becoming more personal, where a range of products are now available that allow apps to control certain variables in the home, such as how light a particular room is or the temperature of a room.

This is due to the fact that the strong dependency of techy people to their smartphones shows no signs of slowing down. Gaming Realms revealed in a research that 70 percent of their users are now reliant on mobile and tablet devices to access content on a daily basis. The developer of mobile gaming software Pocketfruity added that the proliferation of mobile internet, particularly with a 4G connection, contributes to the increasing mobile data usage worldwide. Thus, the increasing number of mobile apps for interior design and for the home isn’t going to slow down. Additionally, it means that the advancements that will be made in the coming years will be nothing short of revolutionary.

In this post, we want to focus more on the apps that actually help homeowners in designing their own homes as opposed to the ones that turn up the volume of your music in a specific room.