Pattern Book pattern book3

A young artist Gali Cnaani has created a series of fascinating photographs that are the result of working on her bookcase at home. She is an artist that love doing different experiments.

A low cost project at Barcelona library1

Studio that undergoes transformation and becomes attractive youth home with minimalist design. The project is try to maximize the functionality of space for the new and contemporary use,

Italian Style sol rocking chair1

 Constance Guisset confirms her creative spirit in her first design for a Molteni&C product, matching her rigorous study on the development of surfaces in three-dimensional forms with lightness.

A concept for holiday resort planners getaway retreat8

Studio Arte has transformed a single standard shipping container module into a getaway retreat. The module is situated in the picturesque region of Algarve, Portugal. The shelter are painted in orange,  includes living, eating, and wash areas.

Up cycled objects colorful lamps1

Finnish design Willem Heeffer has used the up-cycled objects to create this collection of colorful lamps. The drums are salvaged from the local recycling centers