The lamp queenlight is a simple but a special construction. The lumbers of the lamp are fixed in a circle bracket . The last design can use the owner as he allotted the lumbers around the centre.

One Step Up is a bookcase that combines form, material and function in a simple and chaste design. Francis Cayouette has been inspired by the ladder as object and he has created a new flexible piece of furniture ideal for storage. Francis Cayouette has used recognizable elements taken from the form of the ladder and incorporated its mobile attributes. Details such as the fittings are emphasized and bring authenticity to the object. The natural ash wood and the industrial metal shelves create dynamic and the exquisite materials work great together and create a complete expression.

The district, known as Colda, used to be covered with vineyards since it was protected and south-facing; the strongly declining land is situated between the access road to the south and the secondary road higher up.

Natalia Criado’s Impronta vases are delicate and beautifully crafted. The fruit and flower vases are inspired by organic patterns, tracery found in nature, almost looking like fossils that have been reincarnated into plates.

MAK Bistro in Budapest by interior design studio, Designfocus. There concept is of a culinary style that is traditional combined with a contemporary influence. The family orientated square is stylishly designed in order to show the inherent materials that bring out artistic value and style. The traditional structure is visible revealing the stone and old wooden surfaces. The designer has carefully chosen ways to reveal the beauty of the materials.The Thonet chairs, early style basins, steel and transparent wine cooler are made with traditional preparation .