Called Crystal Collection, plants appear to grow out of a crack in the surface of each pot, the containers are made of oak and their design is inspired by mountain crystals.

French designer Julian Robin has designed a tricky piece of furniture. The Cub Lamp looks like a normal block of wood , until you turn it on and it becomes a light. The interior of the Cub Lamp is etched with a leaf design. The contrast between on and off presents a comment on nature. When off, the Cub Lamp bares little resemblance to its original form. When on, the tree the wood once was shines through.

Memory is Tokujin Yoshioka’s new design for Moroso, fruit of his poetic originality.  The comfortable chair features a unique technical covering that can be formed into any shape desired. A free interplay between the seat and the sitter, who intervenes directly in the creative process, shaping the anatomy of the product. Thus the importance lies in the gestures, which establish a physical bond at the time of use. The resulting beauty derives from its irregular form, and from the hands-on mutability of its appearance.

Hanging gardens suspended with thin string by Fedor in Belgium. “Information beyond that is a bit of a mystery, but they have many lovely pictures on their site.”

Clean minimalistic lines. Beautyful simple form and enjoyment in function. Modern and fabulous. Chris Connell and his design studio are not only interior designers and architects but symbiotically are MAP International, classic contemporary Australian furniture.