Bakery at Milan Design Week moder furniture design

Industrial Upholstery by Gilli Kuchik of Israeli design group Bakery at Milan Design Week 2010.

Innovative kitchen design contemporary kitchen design

INDada proposes an innovative kitchen design that mirrors the steadily evolving contemporary domestic landscape. The project is dedicated to new generations – a youthful target in terms of age and, especially, of taste – that are accustomed to a dynamic lifestyle and rely on new technologies and solutions designed to improve individual wellbeing and social relations.

Forkola karim rashid design1

“Forkola” by Karim Rashid is currently being showcased as part of ‘tra le briccole di venezia’, a project initiated by italian company Riva 1920 at the triennale museum for Milan design week 2010. The exhibition involves 22 leading names from the design, art and fashion world, supporting ecologic values and linked to the re-use of a peculiar product belonging to the venetian landscape: the ‘briccole’. Any one who is interested in design will be able to see just how stunning these pieces are. It’s amazing how art and furniture can be combined to create something as stunning as this.

Kymo from Germany the mashup carpet

Using worn and rugged oriental carpets as raw materials, The Mashup rugs are made by first stripping down the originals to their bare essentials. The threads are refined using various methods, and are then reassembled precisely as The Mashup carpets – in a new, sophisticated patchwork pattern. Steeped in time-honoured techniques handed down through the generations, The Mashup gives the age-old oriental carpet modern appeal combined with a perfect, vintage look and feel.

“2sides” Chair  chair two sides design

The colorful indoor and outdoor chair made of PE [Polyethylene] by mono block rotation molding technique. With its light weighted, you may easily lift it up – flipping it around and enjoy this up-side-down chair with its different recline angle. Design by Anurak Suchat