Bonnet Hill House hill house interior

Tasmania an island at the most southern point of Australian . The house on Bonnet hill is a modest building of 100 sqm on a large open rural site. It is a simple two storey, cement clad box, that sits deep on a north facing bank. The building is permeable from three sides, transferring from inside to outside with ease. Materials are limited and raw and in many cases unfinished, low cost materials cover the larger areas while higher quality materials define the openings.

Clover Lamp modern lighting clover lamp

Clover Lamp by Spanish designer Alberto Sánchez of MUT Design, shown at the exhibition in Milan. Faithful to its commitment to the environment, it places nature as main source of inspiration, this line, for instance takes the silhouette of a clover as an influence. Composed of three identical structures on which color strings are woven of colors, Clover illumination allows complete customization by offering numerous possibilities of color.

Helix Chair by Karmelina Martina helix design

Karmelina Martina has designed the Helix chair for the Italian manufacturer Moroso. A witty, light-hearted little chair with a stylised design. Flame-retardant, cold-cured polyurethane foam padding over a steel frame.

Modern interior by aedes studio contemporary dark interior

Contemporary interior are made by the architects of the aedes studio Rosica and Plamen Bratkov.

Contemporary Polish design modern carpets

Contemporary Polish design, well rooted in Poland’s heritage and cultural diversity, may be attractive to a sophisticated European audience. The traditional patterns and materials used in Polish decorative arts make Polish design unique. The carpet series make from felt, designed by Agnieszka Czop and Joanna Rusin, to confirm what  mentioned. They use lace design or color scheme from polish folk, especially regional apparel.