Freestyle line drawings shantell martin art

Freestyle line drawings by London-born visual artist Shantell Martin.  At her room drawings  covered all walls, ceiling and furniture.

Farma Kreaton farma kreaton interior3

Restaurant Farma Kreaton is a restaurant located in the center of the city of Komotini, in northeastern Greece. The architecture and interior design was made by Minas Kosmidis.

New York artist new york artist hope gangloff3

New York artist Hope Gangloff works predominantly with pen and ink on paper, using reference photographs she takes of her friends.

Charming clever art object charming clever art object

Maisonnée creates a poetic universe filled with charming clever objects. Eon is a decor for your walls. Here is the bundle of 14 modules, ready to use with the help of two nails.

Window framed vista of  Tuscan familiar still life5

Christine Woodside draws on her recent trips to Italy, placing her familiar still life and dove compositions before a dramatic window-framed vista of  Tuscan or Umbrian landscape.