Andrea Salvetti  lives and works near Lucca, in the countryside of the Apuan Alps. Since 1991 he has concentrated on themes of nature and the environment using different materials and technologies with particular attention paid to fused metals.

Stylist GIJO and a group of Portuguese architects FAHR 021.3 have developed an installation of ‘hairchitecture’. The idea merges two creative methodologies, architecture and hairstyle. 

Freestyle line drawings by London-born visual artist Shantell Martin.  At her room drawings  covered all walls, ceiling and furniture.

Restaurant Farma Kreaton is a restaurant located in the center of the city of Komotini, in northeastern Greece. The architecture and interior design was made by Minas Kosmidis.

New York artist Hope Gangloff works predominantly with pen and ink on paper, using reference photographs she takes of her friends.