Neo Nature jesse brown art

Jesse’s work is often an exploration in geometric forms, pattern, typography, shape and repetition which display a very clean, graphic quality.

Ceramic objects objects paola paronetto

Cartoccio is a series of ceramic objects with a corrugated paper-like surface. Paronetto now widens the original collection by adding new surfaces and finishes, reflecting her love for detail.

Christmas & New Years Wall Decals Christmas New Year Holiday snowflakes Decals

Looking to add the final touches to your Holiday decorating? Well look no further because Lot 26 Studio is offering 20% off all items with promo code SNOW20. Here are some of my absolute favorite Holiday decorating ideas:

Starlit Learning Center starlit learning center

Starlit Learning Centre is designed to provide performance training in relax learning environment for children age 2-6. Children in Hong Kong are studying under high pressure. This learning centre is designed to create a delightful learning atmosphere with utmost space.

Words that inspire words that inspire red

The agenda of the company is to offer a service that allows people to have the words that inspire them made up as art, be it lyrics, poetry or film quotes. The idea is that the words themselves provide the form; while we recognise and appreciate great design, the choice of using words alone is a conscious reaction to solely graphic representation in art.