Almost invisible carpets remains in the interior of the chamber, it gives a sense of comfort and warmth.


Irregulars rug is designed using irregular shapes. Various forms in a funny way to define and affect the comfort in the room. In forms and color combinations that create atmosphere and mood.


Flying Carpet of Nani Marquina , violating the boundaries of innovation and imagination. Three-dimensional design is to be used not only as a carpet, but also as a place for seating, or relax.


Carpet of Nani marquina , an example of excellent design with the use of raised oval patterns. Forms and color combinations create an atmosphere of relaxation.


Avalisa are created by the modern design collection, designed to life more fully through color and design. By the colors and forms used in their collections, they bring home in the modern and traditional quality materials with modern vision and sustainability. Avalisa designs and creates quality modern wall panels and hand-woven carpets from New Zealand wool.