Playful looking apartment playful looking apartment

Very lightly apartment situated on the Belgian coast in Knokke designed by Cy Peys interior architects. Floor made of walnut creates the warm feeling. It was decorated with vintage accessories, lighting and furniture to give it a more playful look.

Beautiful art work by Emily Ferretti emily ferretti art7

Amazing, delicate and subtle beauty. Paintings by Emily Ferretti.

Terrace inspired by Africa terrace gourmet kitchen6

This terrace was inspired gourmet in Africa, chose to wall claddings materials like bamboo, worked by hand in contrast to gold pads, which were used in the fireplace and dining table top.

40 m2 flat suto interior architects living room decor

Design concept: smart, cool solutions, masculine colours and use of materials. Space design are leading and reflecting to each other, the flat is only 40 m2 all together, but fells much more spacious.


Beautiful and one of a kind still lifes juan diego miguel still life4


Juan Diego Miguel are sculptor from Madrid, he chooses to work with recycled frames and scrap pieces of metal. He combined these elements together to create beautiful one of a kind pieces.