To build a new house on a challenging site waiatarua house

Hamish Monk Architecture has build a new house on a challenging, steep site in the Orakei creek gully. One of the design challenges was to insert a bold (in size and placement) intervention into a sensitive bush reserve whilst still maintaining a sense of modesty and poetic.

Collective housing project collective housing project6

It is the lease collective housing built in Uehara, downtown of Tokyo. It offering the open and free places fit for the state of new city privacy. By hollowing a lattice-like walls at intersections,

Drop of light raindrop lamp

Suspension lamps designed by the Javier Herrero Studio for LZF. The Raindrop lamp is a delicate handcrafted drop shaped lamp, made with fine wood veneer strips through which light flows from a glass ball placed inside the lamp.

An elegant hotel in Paris elegant hotel paris loby interior

Ideally located in a quiet street in the diverse and intellectual 9th arrondissement, Hotel de Nell blends comfort and exceptional service with an innovative trend in French cuisine – bistronomie.

Exclusive furniture by Boca do Lobo  chic modern furniture boca do lobo

Chic and modern. Designed for curious people dedicated to good taste and passionate about culture. People attentive to style and absorbing everything that surrounds them: technologies, environment, furniture, books and art.