Brooklyn designers Sergio Mannino Studio have completed the interior of a shoe shop in New York where the walls are covered in interchangeable panels. Called Shoebox, the shop features over 200 assorted wall panels that can be repositioned within a grid. The brightly-coloured boards are finished with lacquer, fabric or linoleum and can be interchanged with shelving or mirror panels.

The atmosphere created by the bride is feminine and airy; this most definitely a lamp with a gender; evidently that of the fairer sex. And for those who enjoy plenitude, several brides look simply radiant together creating a feeling of fruitfulness and abundance in a room and illuminating large spaces beautifully.

From Paprika, a giant Christmas stocking made of many small stockings (socks) for furniture maker and retailer Domison’s store window.

Each piece of art is individually created based on a person’s astrological birth chart, and the canvases can be appreciated both as graphic works of art as well as for their meaning. For the astrologically inexperienced, each portrait includes a detailed report explaining all the planets and signs shown in the work. The portraits are printed on environmentally friendly canvas in over 30 color options, each available in 8 sizes, so the resulting artwork is truly unique.