Natalia Criado’s Impronta vases are delicate and beautifully crafted. The fruit and flower vases are inspired by organic patterns, tracery found in nature, almost looking like fossils that have been reincarnated into plates.

Hanging gardens suspended with thin string by Fedor in Belgium. “Information beyond that is a bit of a mystery, but they have many lovely pictures on their site.”

A modern house with a lot of space, light and free surfaces. With an almost industrial base and cheerful splashes of color. Observe their own method to build trendy patchwork carpets, why mow when you can add layer upon layer. Pictures from Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst.

New York apartment by Teresa Sapey, Italian architect living in Madrid.

Amsterdam studio Nezu Aymo Architects have completed the interiors for a Japanese shop in Amsterdam with strips of bamboo hanging from the ceiling. Called Japanse Winkeltje, a gallery space, shop and Japanese culture centre are housed on three separate floors. The interior walls and ceilings on all floors are covered in natural materials. One side of the shop features undulating fabric shelves and on the other side loops of white mesh made of paper yarn soaked in rice water surround the wooden shelves.