Urban Nature stylish interior flowerpot

Modern design solutions by Urban Nature, composition of plants for interior and exterior.

Art Pillow interior design textile 3

Championing great artists from the world’s of Street Art, Digital Art, Graphics, Urban Art, Low-Brow Art, lllustration and Graffiti, alongside more traditional fine artists. An alternative collection of new art – all produced in Limited Editions and presented in high-quality, affordable formats, by ClickforArt.com

A conversation piece sofa patches floral motifs

A stunning lounge chair that pairs glamour with whimsy. Scraps of opulent fabric are patched together to create a chair that’s sure to be a conversation piece.

Unique lights spray cans lamps

Unique lights recycled from spray cans.

Drawings on the closet painted cabinets 5

Idea of Lucas Rise to transform ordinary furniture into the subject of artistic improvisation.