Burke & Hazelden has brought together a passion for luxury furniture and contemporany art with an injection of punk attitude. Interior designer, upholsterer and paint finishing expert Lisa Burke and her design partner Matt Hazelden created what is today one of the hippest furnishing brands.  They did so working along with some of the best designers and painters in order to create limited editions of exquisite furniture.

Moa Baskets made of elastic yarn and resin by Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau. The collection includes three types of basket, fruit basket, newspaper and trash basket. I love the lightness of the form and material and how it allows for an incredible layering of color.

Nanimarquina‘s Barcelona base will be the company’s first show space to date. The showroom-cum-store is set within a disused garage at the heart of the city. The showroom plays host to the full range of Nanimarquina’s high-colour rug designs. The rugs are complimented by various found objects from across the globe, littered around the space. Antique furnishings bring life to the whitewashed space.

Dutch designer Yvette Laduk works and meets clients from her waterfront home, so she likes to joke that she lives inside her own portfolio.