Animal Music by Nidolab animal music office10

These are the offices of Animal Music, a music recording studio.

Nursery room colorful decorations nursery decor

The noble and natural materials together with colorful decorations from natural elements give the feeling of being in a private room with direct view to the greenery. The Corian wall and counter create a dynamic space and a sense of purity that embraces the room and its visitors.

Vertical gardens by Mr. Green building vertical gardens

Innovators in building vertical gardens Mr. Green had several successful projects that enjoy people from Sofia. One of the most famous vertical garden was especially made for office of “Yavlena”.

Brilliant limited edition collection of rugs limited edition collection rugs

Node employs a Nepalese firm, Kumbeshwar, to make their rugs – the skilled local craftspeople know how to get weaving, and the socially responsible project

Unique culinary vision and design concept design concept foscarini ligting

Renowned Israeli architect Pitzou Kedem was recruited for the project and partnered with Baranowitz-Amit Design Studio to design the space of this unique restaurant.