Coco Flip is proud to announce the launch of Coco Pendant, a hand crafted pendant light made from turned Victorian Ash timber and powder-coated, spun aluminium. The form was inspired by Japanese spinning tops and references Middle Eastern architecture.

ROOTS is influenced by traditional trellises, with the idea of creating mini-gardens of any specific size. MUT offers different flowerpots, which are combined to create unique compositions. Having an ecological garden in your home, or a surprising vertical garden, was never this easy.

The ‘kami’ collection of pots/vases/home lighting encourage a new way of thinking in eco-friendly lifestyle products. Made from 100% biodegradable cellulose, an enormously solid and light material, ‘kami’ transforms this most abundant natural raw material into objects for daily use by simple air drying. 

French designer Paul Menand has created three in one chair called ‘Triplette’ . Built into one, there are actually three chairs which has been set such that it is difficult to detect.