The industrial designers Alex Witko and Courtney Hunt at Organelle Design have hit upon a great idea — Hangeliers, wonderful chandeliers made from off-the-shelf plastic and wood hangers.

The Sprig lamp design is inspired by the fresh growth of plants.  A single Sprig lamp makes a pendant light, while multiple Sprig lamps combined build a floor lamp or a chandelier.  Sprig is made of recycled plastic, and the lighting source is a standard compact fluorescent lamp.

Life After- Corkage Bar Stool + Ottoman by Phase Design. Vinyl-coated threaded polyester mesh filled with twelve-hundred recycled wine and champagne corks.

The designer Pieter Bostoen has recently added this neat little lamp to his list of completed projects. Called ’05.L’, the name is a bit of a clue since they’re made from found plastic cans. By fitting it with a 9W energy-efficient bulb and a three metre long wire which rolls nicely around the base of the lamp, we think Bostoen’s version of this idea is more sophisticated than most.

The recovery of the Historic Center of Lima has become a important theme. Today it is possible to find a series of activities that aim to transform this spot in an important cultural center for citizens. The institution “Gran Semana de Lima”presented project, in which takes part different urban artist, interventions and Latin American artists.