Brand new release of a classical wallpaper collection, designed by Lars Contzen.

The new Botanic collection is a revolutionary breakthrough, woven vinyl flooring with environmental care. Botanic contains a new plasticiser which, in turn, is based on renewable raw materials originating from the vegetable kingdom. The new plasticiser is an important step in Bolon‘s environmental initiative: Bolon® Green.

The Scarlet Hotel looks all Bond villain with it’s cavernous luxury, floor to ceiling windows and dramatic cliff views, however, there is nothing remotely villainous about this spectacular building and the 5* luxury it beholds. The Scarlet is quite possibly the greenest hotel you’ll stay at, they even re-homed worms before beginning construction. As can often the case, luxury has not been compromised in the quest for the ultimate in sustainability, no expense has been spared in the lavish attention that the rooms, communal spaces, spa and exterior have received.


Beautiful collection of Marimekko inspired by the rich folklore of Finland, the national epos and life in the modern city.


A stunning lounge chair that pairs glamour with whimsy. Scraps of opulent fabric are patched together to create a chair that’s sure to be a conversation piece.