Artsigns Interiors is a new service provided by Artsigns corp. The focus of this service is the design and manufacture of state of the art interior design elements such as laser cutting works.

Natalia Criado’s Impronta vases are delicate and beautifully crafted. The fruit and flower vases are inspired by organic patterns, tracery found in nature, almost looking like fossils that have been reincarnated into plates.

langner dzign brings a different sense of design aesthetics into people’s daily lives. Inspired by nature and our biomorphic need to have nature well reflected in our living and working environments, the abstracted, simplified forms in Gretchen Langner’s fabric fits well in contemporary settings, as well as more traditional homes.

Clover Lamp by Spanish designer Alberto Sánchez of MUT Design, shown at the exhibition in Milan. Faithful to its commitment to the environment, it places nature as main source of inspiration, this line, for instance takes the silhouette of a clover as an influence. Composed of three identical structures on which color strings are woven of colors, Clover illumination allows complete customization by offering numerous possibilities of color.