Inspirational places The Folly interior design ideas garden lounge

Inspiration for The Folly has come from travelling the world, looking at the most successful venues in the USA and the Middle East “places where service culture is valued highly” and combining the best they have to offer with our own style.

Keep it pure dorte agergaard textil

Danish Dorte Agergaard work as an independent designer, specializing in digital print and in developing conceptual design for textiles and home fashion. Her print design is mainly based on not using repeated patterns, in order to create stunning and unique design.

Flowerized wallpaper flowerized

It is a fresh revolution that overwhelms and renews the old wallpaper concept coming to the creation of solutions for the interior decoration with a unique style and a strong visual impact.

Modular carpets by Riccardo Fattori nochina header carpet

The basic idea of modular carpets by Riccardo Fattori is that of a continuing landscape, a passage from East to West that crosses and links different cultures in a imaginary voyage on our floors. Each carpet has a ivory white background, with eight foreground coloration options, from black to pink to turquoise, that can be mixed and matched.

Roubini Rugs roberto kavalli carpet

Roubini rug, known for hand-knotted silk and wool rugs for powerhouses like Missoni and Versace, has found the perfect match for their stateside expansion. Fearless use of print and color provides endless possibilities to show off the manufacturer’s capabilities.