Aaron David Smith is a sculptor and painter based in Los Angeles. His new work is best described as “the diagram of a sculpture”… to where he builds a sculpture, flattens it out, and mounts it on wood while maintaining it’s elements of texture, object, and material. A blueprint of sorts, architectural compositions displaying the layers, levels, and linear distinctions necessary to create three dimensional form.

In this new body of abstracts entitled “Manhattan Series,” Downs creates densely layered paintings that dance on the picture plane to openings that disclose colored layers underneath. His compositions display such a deep engagement with the formal and esthetic potential of paint on canvas that they do not fit easily within any recognizable category of contemporary art. The works brings one word to mind — energy, a sense of action.

Sydney Licht composes contemporary still life paintings, borrowing from the everyday. Licht places her focus on containers such as shopping bags and candy boxes, creating architectural piles of color, pattern and form.

Raw concrete and rough limestone clad the interior of a London ice cream parlour designed by branding studio Vonsung. Located inside a historic building in Fitzroy Square, the gelato shop is filled with bulbous black sofas and cylindrical white stools. Ice cream packaging and signage were also designed using a monochrome palette.