Barry Maxwell`s work is focused on the formal elements of painting and drawing: line, form, and color. Expanding on attachment to ink and paper, he has been layering opaque acrylic shapes over translucent acrylic ink washes. He is interested in the contrasting painterly approaches and the depth it creates.

Paula Navone designed some wonderful pieces for Gervasoni’s Gray series. Appropriate for any room in the home, the Gray furniture range also includes a lovely  style bed. Bed in white or grey stained oak or in natural American walnut.

Milan, 14 February 2011 –Ernestomeda, leader in the high-end designer kitchen market, has chosen the international stage of FuoriSalone 2011 to present a kitchen styled by two rising stars of the design world, Andreucci&Hoisl, at the Ernestomeda Loft.  For this project, the designers have chosen elegant lines, innovative materials and striking personalisation potential.

In the selected paintings, Maki Na Kamura traces a connection to Jean-Francois Millet, who tried to remove the content from classical landscapes.

A design that satisfies the geometric and abstract desire continuity with the modern movement of the Catalan. Large windows overlooking the Mediterranean and travertine cut to emphasize the grain, relate visually the interior with natural habitat surrounding the house. Developed for four hundred and fifty square meters on two levels, there are spaces like the pool where the horizon line coincides with the sea or a botanical garden hidden among the rock walls and windows of the house.