Oasis Collection oasis collection planters

Green Pedestals for Offecct Oasis-Collection from Front Design.

57m2 generous space for living generous space for living kitchen

The flat is designed for long-term rental. It is situated on the second floor of an apartment building from the 19th century. The design of the interior consists of minor construction adaptations to the original layout and first and foremost to the design of the built-in furniture.

The new age gardening solution new gardening solution

Designed by Singaporean designer Jerome Arul who is currently a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, Aeroponic is the new age farming and ultra efficient agricultural process where the soil and water become the things of the past. Aeroponic requires an environment that is 100% sterile to keep away from the bacterial infections to the plants and the traditional containers are prone to bacterial growth and algae.

Fragmentary maps futuristic landscapes5

Futuristic landscapes by american artist Nick Lamia-Linear, diagrammatic structures mixed with planes of color render partial views, or fragmentary maps of imagined spaces, both miniscule and vast, where nature and technology meet. Contrast among my forms and counterintuitive color combinations are metaphors for a world where technology and ecology are in symbiosis despite their contrast.

Living Covering by Studio IVANKA living covering planter

ORTO is a decorative concrete with moss and provides an alternative solution for common planting. The plants can be set into the furrows of the elements thus forming a breathing green surface along the ornamentation.