Urban design house park lane house7

The Park Lane house is an alterations and additions project which is also a project concerned with urban design. Materials are chosen for texture, durability, to support the formal expression and to delight the owner’s and architect’s aesthetic sensibilities.

Beautiful custom made interior bulgarian studio dontDIY interior2

From restricted and gloomy to spacious and bright, the first floor apartment of an old building in Sofia’s city centre now boasts a clean interior design and beautiful custom-made furniture.

Paling Fence House paling fence house 9

Tucked away in the former backyard of a house in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Paling Fence House is part of a dual occupancy development.

Unique Brazilian mix unique brazilian interior3

Residencia Canario is a new project designed by Brazilian architect Mauricio Arruda. Take a look at the diversity of pieces in texture, scale and materials in this fascinating  environment.

A family friendly New York City apartment family friendly apartment1

Designer Suchi Reddy crafts a family-friendly New York City apartment. The designer has created something very comfortable, calm, textural, and modern.