Small but simple and modern apartment in Ukrainian capital-Kiev. The owners of the apartment together with architect Olga Akulova have carefully choose their home. Brave choice of furniture and paintings in bright colors make the interior an artistic and pleasant place to live.


This elegant penthouse was designed by Hola Design, who created a sophisticated space with the simple combination of soft gray and light wood.


The stunning family home of Justin and Jeanne Roebert that has been professionally designed or renovated with painstaking attention to detail from start to finish, by one of Melbourne’s most celebrated interior design firms- Hecker Guthrie.


Wonderful apartment designed by n232-arquitectura. Housing is structured around the relationship between two volumes. A master volume,


The WFH concept is a modular concept, based on a design principle, using 40 feet high cube standard modules as structural system. The structure can be adapted to local challenges such as climatic or earthquake issues.