Saradar Private Offices made up of three main double volume spaces featuring high glass facades into the building central atrium; two symmetrical and identical entrances connected by a conference room.

Big lamps made out of Ikea lampan lamps. Daniel Saakes have made three versions : 6, 12 and 32. The largest one that could be possibly build has about 120 lamps.Visit the build instructions on to build one yourself or see the lamps in action in this flickr group.


This lovely chandelier breaks a trend with incredible classiness for a kids toy made of plastic. This particular piece was made to appear at home in a Victorian-era building, yet give the “youth and vigor” of a contemporary clientele.


Julian Mayor is a young British artist and designer who graduated from the Royal College of Art and then headed to the U.S. to work with IDEO, the California industrial-design firm. His quirky fractal Frame light was manufactured from spruce and plywood and made in an edition of 20.