Ikebana flower bowls ikebana flower arrangements3

Toko & Noma Ikebana bowls is a new interpretation of the traditional way of Ikebana flower arrangements. The flat vases with additional wire frame enable to set up single flowers and blossoms in the spaces of the geometric pattern. 

Natura Loft Apartment interior loft apartment8

AO Studios renovated a home in Bishan Town, Singapore. The main priority,  were to enlarge the feeling of the spacious in the apartment. 

Urban design house park lane house7

The Park Lane house is an alterations and additions project which is also a project concerned with urban design. Materials are chosen for texture, durability, to support the formal expression and to delight the owner’s and architect’s aesthetic sensibilities.

Honey at New York’s MAD  honey radiator2

Designed by James di Marco, Honey was an instant success. Perhaps one of the radiators in the Caleido range that best expresses the company’s internationally renowned craftsmanship, it has been selected for permanent display at the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

When light is dressed with linen light dressed linen1

Delicate layers of linen cover the surface of a screen and create a lighting fixture for interiors characterized by complexly gorgeous textures which produce a warm light effect.