Cardboard playground toys cardboard playground toys

Collection of kids playground toys made of corrugated cardboard from Japan. The theme for the collection is farm village scenery and the items are produced using sustainable cardboard.

Sculpture and design by Andrea Salvetti andrea salvetti basel

Andrea Salvetti  lives and works near Lucca, in the countryside of the Apuan Alps. Since 1991 he has concentrated on themes of nature and the environment using different materials and technologies with particular attention paid to fused metals.

Be creative recycled materials lamps

Belgian industrial designer Sep Verboom, has collaborated with Cebu city’s office of environment and waste management to develop the project ‘Fantasized – design for impact’.

Bohemian aesthetic boutique hotel bohemian boutique hotel interior decor

Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel, have teamed up with Design Hotels to launch the new elegant 34-room boutique hotel located at San Giorgio beach. Harnessing the vagabond-chic of ’60s bohemian aesthetic, San Giorgio is a perfect slice of Mediterranean paradise; white-washed walls, hipy fabrics, carefully selected design objects.

Green lifestyle green planter

Casa Bosque`s objects propose a lifestyle that returns to the rituals suggested by nature. The First Object is a collaboration with Savvy Studio;