Sorrento House by Robert Mills Architects is completely unadorned and pure in form — a quality embodied in traditional Japanese architecture. The interior of this beach house have a Zen-like stillness to the monochromatic interior,

Clear but also playful new house by LOVE Architecture. light and optimistic; small yet also big. Functional for everyday living.

The restaurant is divided into two interrelated areas. The first considers the access and reception, the hub, the box and the main exit to the terrace and backyard. The second is larger in size and consists of an open kitchen to the dining room. The two areas are defined by heaven pyramid, similar in height and shape.

This rough diamond is a 310sqm neoclassical private residence, originally built for the French Councilor, this residence is a fine example of a typical Landmark Piraeus building.

On the ground floor of a eighteenth century building the most specialized French pastry in the capital, “Poison d’Amour.” It was decided that the architecture should assume a role that dictated a discreet dialogue between the sum of light of all colors and the absence of color