Eastwest commissioned designer Philippe Starck to renovate the space, which is now the only studio in the world to offer, recording, editing, software development, marketing and distribution under one roof. Starck’s aim was to create a series of spaces that ranged in size, to make the artists comfortable. He restored the historic elements of the building and focused on allowing the space to encourage creativity. The new building features a grand lobby, VIP guest suite, a number of artist lounges and kitchen. In addition there is office space for the studio manager, software engineers as well as a tech shop and conference area.


Industrial architecture, combined with solid construction allows to arrangement a space and the creating of unique interior solutions.


Inspired by Mexican vernacular architecture with flamingo pink, lemon yellow and burnt sienna washed walls accented by a lattice of perforations, the combination of colour and light perfectly frames the Andalucian countryside and seascapes. Private property in Europe designed by Mexico’s most celebrated architect, Ricardo Legorreta.


Playful range with Cable. Coupling elements to determine a color for each part, the possibilities are endless. Choose your own of materials by playing with the surface of the inserts. Design by Andreas Berlin for PODE.