Playful range with Cable. Coupling elements to determine a color for each part, the possibilities are endless. Choose your own of materials by playing with the surface of the inserts. Design by Andreas Berlin for PODE.


Danish furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen promote RIN Collection of Japanese designer Hiromichi Konno. As Rin Japanese word means stunning, elegant and brave. The idea is to create a new chair that brings harmony and of the Japanese and Danish design and traditions.


Christmas catalog by Marimekko , impresses with vision and attractive design by accessories for the home.


Dave Keune is a Dutch designer specializing in interior design, furniture and lighting fixtures. He creates interiors and products described as functional, minimalist design with a keen eye detail and concept. 


Apartment of 90m2, each room is the transition to the next and this gives a sense of space. The interior is solved in three colors – black, white and  red.