Mamma collection by czech studio VRTIŠKA • ŽÁK czech traditional furniture brand jitona3

Czech traditional furniture brand Jitona has awakened again back to life. In cooperation with the successful czech design studio,VRTIŠKA • ŽÁK unveiled at this year’s Designblok new furniture collection, called Mamma.

Arrow Table sharp angles metal table2

Arrow Table and bench, designed by Christopher Duffy for Duffy London uses sharp angles and straight lines for sleek geometric effect.

Summer with the Plank Outdoor Collection plank outdoor collection5

Plank have just released their latest outdoor campaign, with images transporting you to another place, another time.

Wonderful coffee table coffee table1

Circus is a coffee table whit three table tops and provide as much space for anything you can use on a coffee table. The different colors painted wood panels rest on a metal frame

New products by Ozzio Design ozzio design table

Series of new products by Ozzio Design for interior not only changes the shape, and the perception of the product, but also its intended use. It happens that a table becomes a console, a chair folds and “disappears”, a coffee table becomes a table.  Welcome to a new dimension, where everything is possible.