Residence with interesting perspectives

February 13, 2012 Interior Design Ideas

An  residence with interesting perspectives by Ing.arch. Eva Bradáčová and photographer: Jiří Ernest. The aim of the refurbishment was to show that even in a pre-fab flat, it is possible to be surrounded by a tailored design and specially selected furniture, while fulfilling the requirements of modern living.

The aim was to suggest a theme of continuity and unity throughout the flat. This was achieved mainly by using the floor as a unifying element. Also, the elimination of thresholds between rooms helps to further maintain this feeling. The flooring, except in the bathroom and toilet, is the same in all areas including the entrance hall. This hall is now also part of the living space. The shelving also helps this continuity; acting as a linking element between the kitchen on one side and the entrance hall on the other.Books and decorative objects are visible upon entering the apartment, which creates a warm, homely feeling.

One of the traditional pitfalls of prefabricated housing is the lack of storage. The primary built-in wardrobe is in the hallway and there is also fitted furniture in the bedroom. This surrounds the bed on all sides. There is also enough storage space in the kitchen for all the necessary utensils and crockery. The shelves concealed behind the television cabinet provide storage for DVDs. The previously mentioned open shelving gives one the possibility to enrich the appearance of the  interior with compositions of books and decorative items.

As you can see, this residence provides the occupant with interesting perspectives. For example, you can enjoy the artificial stone wall above the bed, from the bar table. This introduces natural elements into the interior. A further touch is the composition of decorative copper pans on the kitchen wall, which is visible from the sofa. The bathroom and toilet have a modern look with bare cement walls and grey tiles, imitating concrete, which contrast with the white sanitary ware.

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