Gosplan Refurbished a Flat on a Budget

May 17, 2017 Interior Design Ideas

zaInterior loves projects like those by Italian architectural studio Gosplan. It is a challenge with a limited budget to be able to refurbish “tower house” in which to live a family, the area of the dwelling is also challengin – only 35 m2.

Boccadasse is a small fisherman harbor in Genoa that inspired many poets and singers with its narrow streets and its beautiful little beach. The tiny flat we refurbished is a typical Genoese “tower house” on four floors, with narrow and steep stairs, whose surface of just 35 square meters is covered by a gambrel roof.

The owner’s request was to have more storage spaces as possible, a kitchen with a pantry, a workstation, a double room, a comfortable living room with a second bed and a play-relax space for a kid. With a very limited budget, our answer to these requests was a tailored apartment where all wooden furniture were custom made and realized by carpenters.

A double high space connects the main room (3×6 meters), hosting the kitchen and the living room, with the upstairs bedroom. A pulley moves up and down a desk, allowing to reach the white net suspended on the space, while the bed headboard hides a spacious closet.  Photo: Anna Positano

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