Three Bedroom Apartment Offers Compact Design for Modern Family

A long and narrow apartment in a preservation listed building on Tel-Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard was restored by XS Studio for compact design.

Open-minded and daring customers gave a fascinating challenge for a 93m² apartment: a room for each of the three children and the parents, two bathrooms and a spacious living area. The starting point was unusual: the children’s rooms were designed to be minimal, functional and simple thus providing a more extensive living space in the public areas.

The linear structure demanded an unusually long corridor (9m in length) to enable access to all rooms. Therefore, the hallway and the exposed silicate-brick wall together became one of the two elements that directed the planning of the apartment. The second element organizing the condo is the box-like structure with its aspects of the woodwork.

The twins share a one-room space (14 square meters), with a 140-cm partition in the center from floor to ceiling and along the length of the area. The partition divides the space into two separate rooms. Each facade of the separation faces each room and contains all the room’s functions: wardrobe, small writing desk; and in the middle, the beds “inserted” one above the other. Thus, the valuable area of ​​the bed is doubled, and the apartment’s height was used to maximize the mass of both rooms.  Photography by Gidon Levin

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