Comfortable and Cozy Attic Apartment in Genoa

September 28, 2018 Interior Design Ideas

The flat is situated in the city centre of Genoa, Italy on the top of a building in the medieval neighbour on the old dock that protects the city for the Middle Age. The apartment designed by Gosplan, has a 40 square meters surface, a small area that hosts a living room with open kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

The bedroom and the living room are divided by a custom made piece of furniture that is a closet on the bedroom side and a set of stairs on the living room side. Another flight of stairs hung to the ceiling leads to the rooftop terrace, with a great view over the shipyards and their cranes.

This industrial context inspired the raw materials that characterized the refurbishment, such as the OSB wood panels painted in white, used for the furniture and the doors, or the folded metal sheet employed for the suspended stairs.

The metal beams that reinforce the slab after the opening of the sky window are highlighted by painting them with a white color, generating a contrast with the gray ceiling. The small flat is very sunny thanks to the sky window and to the large windows allowing wide views of the downtown and of the harbour. Photo: Anna Positano

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