Renovated Residence in Barcelona Maximize the Living Space

October 16, 2018 Interior Design Ideas

Can Ghalili is a renovated residence by Spainish LoCa Studio for a client who was looking for a second home. The project’s aim was to maximize the living space for the family, so they could have a place to enjoy holidays and take in the city of Barcelona.

LoCa Studio: The purpose of this project was to maximize the space for a family so they can enjoy their home adapted to their temporary life in the City.

The property of 60m2 + 30m2 patio had a very divided interior layout. The design aims to connect interior and exterior to create a flexible, light and open space, around the patio and its existing tree.

The original existing walls were displayed and the challenge was to work with the dry wooden construction, complementing and balancing the rough brick and stone of the original walls.

Translucent glass and the change of heights in the core rooms, allow indirect light to enter, creating a pleasant luminance. Living spaces were placed towards the patio to enjoy the luxury of having an open space in one of the original districts of Barcelona.  Photography: Pol Viladoms

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