Small Attic with a Terrace by Studio Wok

October 23, 2018 Interior Design Ideas

The design challenge consisted to marry the small apartment dimensions with the will of creating domestic spaces conversing both with the terrace and the favoured view facing the city skyline.

The spacial layout has been drawn and organized just by the presence of the two volumes which without touching each other, get closer and welcome inside them the utilities rooms, bathroom and kitchen.

The paring of these two boxes inside a sole and fluid environment outlined by the homogeneous wood panel floor, creates a division that separate the living area from the bedroom.

The south facade facing the terrace is demolished, making room for a wide sliding window frame, element of mediation and connection between the house and the terrace.

The structural elements (pillars and beams) expose their raw concrete texture, stating their autonomy as compositive objects that partecipate to the space layout.

In the bathroom, over the shower area, a natural zenital light enlight the environment enhancing the vibrant blue of the cementine tiles coating.

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