Rental Apartament for Students in Barcelona

January 17, 2019 Interior Design Ideas

This project is a refurbished apartment intended to be used by master and post-graduate students on temporary rental in Barcelona. The original 60 years old apartment block located in the “Eixample” district gave this flat a somehow unpleasant and boring look with little natural light.

The project has analyzed every space and every corner in the apartment to get an attractive and functional new transformed quality flat that has, above all, always looked for new luminous spaces on a constant and controlled budget moderation.

The new layout with desks in the bedrooms and the hallway, indirect lighting and transparent glass strips placed on the cupboards that replace the demolished old partitions turn the apartment to a very useful and diaphanous space well adapted to the prospective tenants young mentality.

On the other hand, the presence of old radiators, molded doors with original handles and a wink of the project authors to vitubers (a lighting device very used in the 60s) harmonize the new materials and give a feeling to the previous presence of the old and now transformed apartment. Photos by David Cardelús

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