Mustard Yellow Home Decor

February 27, 2019 Interior Design Ideas

The project is about a new distribution of the living spaces of a small house on the hillside near the Varese lake, in a town called Comerio. The simple volume of the kitchen defines the whole space and becomes its main and most privileged element.

The design of the interior is careful about the details and chooses different and various materials, adding value to each of them. The ceramic floor is herring-bone set and it turns from turquoise to yellow inside the bathroom, drawing a zig-zag line on the conjunction, next to the bathroom door.

The kitchen furniture is subdivided into three elements: the emerald baseboard, yellow-mustard doors, and black terrazzo countertop made with Carrara Marble elements. The ceiling was restored as it was originally, made with concrete predalle-slabs that show the structure of the building.

The staircase connecting the ground floor with the first floor is covered with plywood panels. The lost space on the top of the landing floor is made approachable by the construction of a very small loft space made out of wooden elements which are positioned one next to the other leaving a gap in between in order to let the sunlight go through.

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