Minimalist Interior with Playful Branding

August 13, 2019 Interior Design Ideas

Ban Ban is Adelaide’s first Korean Fried Chicken [KFC] and beer eatery sporting a low-tech K-Pop minimalist interior with playful branding to capture freshly cooked share foods.

There are a few names synonymous with Adelaide’s current design renaissance and Genesin Studio is one of them. The practice’s hospitality work has been instrumental in re-branding the South Australian capital as a hub of design, with fit-outs such as the exquisitely detailed Viet Next Door and Scandi-inspired Nordburger contributing to the State’s renewed cultural landscape.

Founder and director Ryan Genesin is not only a master at balancing materials and finishes, but he also knows how to get the most out of problematically small spaces, as the recently completed Ban Ban proves.

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