House in the Middle of a Garden

October 21, 2019 Interior Design Ideas

Bernat Llauradó Auquer of architecture firm tallerdarquitectura, has completed Casa Nostra, a new house in Bordils, Spain. The design of the house includes two volumes, one that’s vertical and closed off, which houses the bedrooms, bathrooms, stairs, and storage, while the second volume is horizontal and transparent, meant for entertaining.

tallerdarquitectura: A house in the middle of a garden, designed for our way of living and feeling; with two clearly differentiated volumes. One of them slender and closed, which contains our less vital intensity spaces, like bathrooms, stairs, bedrooms or storage, and the other one, horizontal and transparent, where we spend most of the time, with our family and friends.

This space acts as the vital center of the house; like a large porch in the middle of the garden, between plants and trees. It consists of two floors, with 30% of the program on the first floor, dedicated to the spaces of our children; Nil and Nora. Thus, the formal clarity is also manifested in its division and functional organization, with the different areas to be used.

The house is located in a typical urbanization extension area of a small village, mostly dominated by single-family houses; although our house has been conceived to avoid the sensation of being immersed in it. Photos by Adrià Goula;

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