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Modular dinner set

October 5, 2010 Accessories

Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar created this modular dinner set intended for the small sampling portions commonly found in Spanish tapas. The set features an array of different ceramic dishes that slot into a wooden board much like lego pieces. The design of the dishes is all based on the circular pattern, using combinations of circles for each size of plate. The plates also differ in height, with some having only small lip and others with high walls. The whole set can be arranged and rearranged in different formations to suit the event and variety of tapas foods being served. Read More


September 30, 2010 Accessories, Product Design

Industrial WAINGRO candlestick sustainably made in Denmark with the highest quality materials. The heavy duty stainless steel industrial candle stick – partly crafted and polished by hand – is a redesigned industrial component, that weighs more that 2 lbs each and adds value to any minimalist and contemporary design environment. Read More

Seasons by Nao Tamura

July 29, 2010 Accessories, Product Design

Designer Nao Tamura, has won the I SaloneSatellite Award, with a serving container made in silica sand, called Seasons. It is being shown at the SaloneSatellite, during the Milan design week 2010. Seasons is an interpretation of functional kitchen and serving ware, inspired by nature and technology, through the cultural lens of Japan.Like a real leaf, each serving dish is flexible and multi-purpose. It rolls up for storage using the benefits of silicone to insure its use in an oven or microware, able to withstand repeated dishwasher cleaning.Each leaf enjoys its own shape, stackable in its open state, and in multiples, creating a sculptural display of serving artware. Read More

Natalia Criado’s Impronta vases

June 16, 2010 Accessories

Natalia Criado’s Impronta vases are delicate and beautifully crafted. The fruit and flower vases are inspired by organic patterns, tracery found in nature, almost looking like fossils that have been reincarnated into plates. Read More

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