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Neo Nature

February 22, 2012 Art in Interiors

Jesse’s work is often an exploration in geometric forms, pattern, typography, shape and repetition which display a very clean, graphic quality. Read More

Manhattan Series

October 12, 2011 Art in Interiors

In this new body of abstracts entitled “Manhattan Series,” Downs creates densely layered paintings that dance on the picture plane to openings that disclose colored layers underneath. His compositions display such a deep engagement with the formal and esthetic potential of paint on canvas that they do not fit easily within any recognizable category of contemporary art. The works brings one word to mind — energy, a sense of action. Read More

Architectural piles of color

September 18, 2011 Art in Interiors

Sydney Licht composes contemporary still life paintings, borrowing from the everyday. Licht places her focus on containers such as shopping bags and candy boxes, creating architectural piles of color, pattern and form. Read More

Fragmentary maps

August 2, 2011 Art in Interiors

Futuristic landscapes by american artist Nick Lamia-Linear, diagrammatic structures mixed with planes of color render partial views, or fragmentary maps of imagined spaces, both miniscule and vast, where nature and technology meet. Contrast among my forms and counterintuitive color combinations are metaphors for a world where technology and ecology are in symbiosis despite their contrast. Read More

British landscape paintings

June 15, 2011 Art in Interiors

Rhea O’Neill vibrant landscapes shimmer with vivid non-and vibrant hyper-real colours which provide a contemporary twist. Her dream-like imagery suggesting that in this day and age societies perception of the British countryside may actually be more fanciful than real. Read More

Wait and See’s Honey Bar

For the 50th edition of the Salone del Mobile, Bokja and Wait and See turn Design into Bee-Sign. Uberta Zambeletti’s new concept store, situated in Milan’s historical city center, in which stimulating finds from all over the world can be found, represents an ideal vessel for Bokja’s new and important crusade: a mission to save the bees. Read More

Fortress of solitude

April 1, 2011 Art in Interiors

Barry Maxwell`s work is focused on the formal elements of painting and drawing: line, form, and color. Expanding on attachment to ink and paper, he has been layering opaque acrylic shapes over translucent acrylic ink washes. He is interested in the contrasting painterly approaches and the depth it creates. Read More

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