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Personalized Astrological Art

December 20, 2010 Art in Interiors

Each piece of art is individually created based on a person’s astrological birth chart, and the canvases can be appreciated both as graphic works of art as well as for their meaning. For the astrologically inexperienced, each portrait includes a detailed report explaining all the planets and signs shown in the work. The portraits are printed on environmentally friendly canvas in over 30 color options, each available in 8 sizes, so the resulting artwork is truly unique. Read More

Clare Woods’ Art

December 8, 2010 Art in Interiors

Clare Woods’ paintings are derived from her photographs of undergrowth and vegetation, which are taken at night, often in desolate, contested or overlooked locations such as areas of scrub or deep woodland. Painstakingly transcribed using layers of enamel paint on aluminium, the resulting images are often ambiguous and disturbing, claustrophobic in their detail, and psychologically-charged. Read More

Spice skulls

September 29, 2010 Art in Interiors

American artist Helen Altman lives and works in fort Worth, Texas where she creates artwork by altering commonplace material such as these skulls, made from different spices. These life size skulls are moulded from different natural materials, including bamboo, mustard seeds and mung beans. The materials are glued together and sculpted into a human skull form and hung from a wall. The series explores notions of reality versus artificiality in everyday life and the boundary between authenticity and absurdity. Read More

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