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No aesthetic compromises

February 4, 2010 Art in Interiors

Olaf Hajek is one of the world’s most successful illustrators. His colorful work is infused with a folkloristic naivety and freshness and can be seen in publications such as The New York Times, in advertisements for companies such as Bacardi and even on postage stamps. Despite the diversity of his clientele, Hajek makes no aesthetic compromises. His characteristic style of “magic realism” is what makes his work appealing to a broad audience and range of clients. Read More

Street art

October 5, 2009 Art in Interiors


Alexandre Earto became noted during the Cans Festival in London in May 2008 with his wall action which consist to scratch/sculpt the wall, carry out in bas-relief portraits in large scales. The wall is increased, and like stencil, a face appears in its light.

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Pure abstraction

September 16, 2009 Art in Interiors


Rhythm, balance, lyricism and tone in Betsy Eby’s paintings are influenced by her lifelong devotion to music. Her paintings are informed by the natural world, drawing on forms found on both microscopic and macroscopic scales. Her calligraphic compositions draw on the movement of living things and visual forms echoed throughout nature.

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July 16, 2009 Art in Interiors


Reef is a responsive, kinetic installation by Rob Ley and Joshua Stein which investigates the role emerging material technology can play in the sensitive reprogramming of architectural and public space. The responsive surface is structured by an aluminum lattice capable of fitting snugly inside the specific context of the Storefront gallery.

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The New Nature

July 13, 2009 Art in Interiors


Dimensional sculptures from industrial materials by Emma Davies. Using unfamiliar materials such as colored industrial system – she creates objects that defy their physical origin and transform it to objects. Uncertain functionality, uniqueness, and war between delicacy and simplicity struggle inherent in these art objects.

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In and Out

July 9, 2009 Art in Interiors


This temporary structure by Yes We Can Architecture was done with a very tight budget: 900 Euros. An installation of 300 bright green hula hoops connected with plastic clips, imposing its contrasting organic shape inside an 18th century courtyard.

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