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Another reality

April 5, 2009 Art in Interiors


The art of Emilie Rondeau are dealing with opposing duality of concepts and ideas about aesthetics and realism. It investigates the space. Having celebrated, everyday life and its inner beauty. A world which reflects its own reality.

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"Happy Days"

February 19, 2009 Art in Interiors


Exhibition by Benedetta Mori Ubaldini – “Happy Days”, composed of groups of sculptures of animals. Metal structure creates a unique atmosphere. Transparency and ease of network through which enters the eye, is associated by the sculpture with children’s memory.

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Dynamic Landscapes

November 11, 2008 Art in Interiors


When forest and agricultural lands are subject to painting experiments, the results are bright color and contrast. In search of time before the residential buildings to inhabit the fields of cubic strip stores, power lines, billboards, and main exits with gas stations and fast food restaurants to obsessed land. This is an attempt sealing of memories of Kelly Neidig in the picturesque lanes.

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World of Joseph Hart

October 22, 2008 Art in Interiors


Graphic images inhabit the works of  Joseph Hart does not tell stories, but provoke questions among viewers. Artist himself seemed intended to cause, but not give answers, often leaving his untitled work, and they are enough challenging to be the subject of attention and discussion.

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