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March 15, 2012 Furniture Design

After years of development, the unique and exclusive dinner table BLISS. The table is made out of one piece, which the design highlights. The one-piece design makes the back side significant for the total impression. With personal selections in color and material the Bliss can get an extravagant or a more modest impression. Read More

To make the life comfortable

March 9, 2012 Furniture Design

6474 is a Design Unit engaged in design for a wide variety of objects like this the Pages chair. It make the life comfortable, but also allows the user to adjust the seat height and backrest cushioning simply by turning its colorful padded “pages.” Read More

Soft line sofa

Designer Denis Guidone has created a collection of seating. Disfatto contains a primordial idea of comfort, has a changeable shape that naturally adapts to our needs; changes its colors over the time and seasons. Read More

Easy chair playful concept

February 7, 2012 Furniture Design

The concept behind the Stack easy chair and footstool comes from the idea of having cushions in constant motion that look like they have been stacked randomly on top of each other. Placing multicoloured polyurethane upholstered cushions on a mild steel structure creates the perception of depth and playfulness. Read More

Stream sofa

January 31, 2012 Furniture Design, Modern Sofas

The sofa designed by Arik Levy will swing around the space creating a kind of micro architecture within the room. Very comfortable seating height, various backrest heights and add on pillows permit easy adaptations to everybody’s personal comfort. Read More

Starlit Learning Center

November 22, 2011 Design Ideas, Furniture Design

Starlit Learning Centre is designed to provide performance training in relax learning environment for children age 2-6. Children in Hong Kong are studying under high pressure. This learning centre is designed to create a delightful learning atmosphere with utmost space. Read More

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