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Brilliant warehouse

November 16, 2011 Design Ideas, Interior Design Ideas

Located in Randwick, a suburb in south-eastern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia, the 120 years old building is now a comfortable two bedroom, two bath home that shows “how much you can achieve in a very small envelope without compromising space!” Read More

40 sqm Refurbishment

November 14, 2011 Design Ideas, Interior Design Ideas

Following Tel-Aviv’s soaring housing prices over the last 3 years, many people were forced to renovate their existing apartments instead of selling and buying bigger ones. This owner decided to transform her studio apartment into a 1 bedroom, including storage units, a large separate kitchen and a full size queen bedroom. Read More

House-like modern boutique interior

November 11, 2011 Design Ideas, Interior Design Ideas

This modern boutique store interior has petite spaces, approximately 32 M2, even so its look spacious. The architects had creative idea to create cozy and spacious atmosphere derived from Scandinavian landscape imaginary concept. Long gabled house-like structure inserted, cut into pieces and become three house-like structures. Read More

Words that inspire

November 10, 2011 Design Ideas

The agenda of the company is to offer a service that allows people to have the words that inspire them made up as art, be it lyrics, poetry or film quotes. The idea is that the words themselves provide the form; while we recognise and appreciate great design, the choice of using words alone is a conscious reaction to solely graphic representation in art. Read More

Simple materials

At the popular spot Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Berlin-Kreuzberg should arise from two retail units, a restaurant and bar. Together with the operators looked for a concept that works both for use as a restaurant and a bar or club. Due to the limited budget was the focus on a few simple materials diverted from existing components. Read More

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