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October 10, 2011 Design Ideas, Landscaping

Skatepark, Climbing Walls, broadband Internet, Modding, Tuning, Modeling, Graffiti, Urban Artists, Theatre Street, Tightrope Walkers, Circus activities, Video Art, Electronic Music, Acrobatics, Performing Arts, Manga, Parkour, Audiovisual Arts, Contemporary Dance, Dance Funk and Hip Hop, Read More

‘Milky Star’ coat rack

October 7, 2011 Design Ideas, Product Design

Young Austrian practice Pudelskern have devised this ingenious ceramic coat rack called ‘Milky Star’. ‘Milky Star‘ is composed from a number of irregularly-shaped star-like modules, which interlock together, and only after a closer inspection, the spiky coat hooks are distinguishable. Read More

Room divider by Kutarq

Just Fold It” is flexible, easy to assemble and disassemble, and the individual models fold compact making them convenient to store or transport. The length of the screen can be adjusted by adding or subtracting the number of modules. Perforations on the surface increase stability by counteracting wind resistance in addition to varying the porosity which creates a nice visual effect that varies depending on the angle and distance from which it is viewed. Read More

Art restaurant

September 15, 2011 Design Ideas, Interior Design Ideas

This restaurant is located in the very centre of Łódź – on the most important street in the city – Piotrkowska. The street – once a symbol of wealth of the one of the richest cities in this region of Europe is now an axis of mostly poor and degenerated district with monumental architecture from before the Second World War. Read More

Abstract sun umbrellas

Castell d’Emproda was built in 1301 on a hill near the small Spanish town of La Bisbal in Girona and has for centuries been in family ownership. 1999 they built the castle into a hotel. The hotel restaurant has a large terrace with panoramic views over the surrounding countryside. To the diners there to protect against wind and rain, the Dutch office Concrete Architectural Associates was commissioned to plan a canopy for the terrace. This had to blend in with the historical inventory. Read More

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