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Modern, simple toys

June 1, 2012 Design Ideas

Today with the busy tempo of the everyday life filled with modern technologies, people tend to get lost more and more. “The Charm of Countryside” represents a romantic idea about a parallel reality that we are longing for. People want to go back to the roots and be able to enjoy simple things again. Design studio “Rijada” brings “The Charm of Countryside” to the city. Read More

Paper honeycomb-like structure

Here a continuous surface, hand-built out of 25,000 brown paper bags, arches from floor to ceiling. The repetition of the paper bags results in a honeycomb-like structure that defines a warm, organic volume which sits within the existing industrial brick and concrete space. Read More

Moving House with Your Dog

May 8, 2012 Design Ideas

Getting a new house can be overwhelming – chances are you’ve already got a list as long as your arm of things to clean and stuff to pack. In the whirlwind of a move it’s important to remember that your furry companion is probably as stressed as you are. Read More

Stairway to Heaven

April 20, 2012 Design Ideas, Modern Lighting

Stairway to Heaven, hanging light system by the Netherlands-based studio Bertjan Pot, a winner of the FRAME moooi award 2012, a collaboration between dutch furniture company Moooi and FRAME magazine. Read More

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