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Beautiful beach restaurant

Alemagou is a bar and restaurant set beautifully on the sand of Ftelia Beach on the Greek island of Mykonos. Taking inspiration from typical Cycladic architecture, local firm K Studio have used the whitewashed, smooth-edged houses and dry stonewalls that blend into the rugged landscape as key elements of the design. Read More

Modern outdoor furniture

This high quality patio furniture group has been designed in the purpose to integrate it into a whole house concept as it combines architecture elements and color aspects of the building.It is a sparkler in combination of high quality materials combined into an unique interaction of teak, white coated compound aluminum and stainless steel as only Metalwood could deliver.All pieces are built by handcraft in a environmentally compatible processes with nonpolluting paintings and with a  slender kind of waste in the production. Read More

Pocket Habitat

March 22, 2011 Landscaping, Product Design

Arup and Sky-Gardens have launched Pocket Habitat, the only modular planting system actively designed to promote biodiversity on new or existing roofs, or provide temporary greening at ground level. Each module is a stand-alone unit made from environmentally friendly material and containing recycled substrates and wildflower seeds. They link together to form a continuous vegetated surface, which may be moved when required. Read More

Ikebana Medulla Vases

March 7, 2011 Accessories, Landscaping

At the end of January Benjamin Graindorge made a design/vegetal performance with four Ikebana Medulla vases at the Ymer & Malta Gallery Benjamin Graindorge explains: “Ikebana Medulla is inhabited, like a spring of water – a trickle that seems to be immobile but which comes to life when we approach it. With its inwardness and strange beauty, this Medusa-like vase is between animal and machine, like a mechanical spider out of Matrix.” Read More

Green invasion

November 22, 2010 Landscaping

The recovery of the Historic Center of Lima has become a important theme. Today it is possible to find a series of activities that aim to transform this spot in an important cultural center for citizens. The institution “Gran Semana de Lima”presented project, in which takes part different urban artist, interventions and Latin American artists. Read More

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