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Refined forms

March 23, 2009 Landscaping


Collection of the Italian companyVG, demonstrated charming combination of objects, the work of artists. Accessories for displaying flowers are made of materials such as glass, metal, ceramics and exotic wood in refined and elegant forms.

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Greenery as a means of organizing space

January 11, 2009 Landscaping


Teracrea is a manufacturer of ceramic vessels, designed to introduce greenery in the interior and offer new solutions to traditional dishes for foreign plants. Their new products and projects in order to provide creative and innovative ideas for more attractive and more functional areas in the modern home.

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January 5, 2009 Landscaping


Green walls of the Swedish company Green Fortune provide a powerful impact on the environment and people. Plantwall may change as size and shape, and depending on the size of the wall and the impact that search. Gives the feeling of many greens without the loss of space. Besides the strong visual impact plants change and increased humidity levels of oxygen.

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