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One Step Up

One Step Up is a bookcase that combines form, material and function in a simple and chaste design. Francis Cayouette has been inspired by the ladder as object and he has created a new flexible piece of furniture ideal for storage. Francis Cayouette has used recognizable elements taken from the form of the ladder and incorporated its mobile attributes. Details such as the fittings are emphasized and bring authenticity to the object. The natural ash wood and the industrial metal shelves create dynamic and the exquisite materials work great together and create a complete expression. Read More

Wood Chair

Wood Chair is an ironic, comfortable and practical chair designed by the creative group Front for Moroso. They drew their inspiration for the armchair from the classic wooden bead seat covers used by drivers seeking a particular kind of comfort in their cars, combined with research on the way embroiderers in Africa weave their beads. The result is an extremely comfortable chair where a woven covering of natural birch wood beads of varying sizes fills the seat almost to overflowing, like foaming soap bubbles. Read More

Tuffet-Stacking stool and table set

The stools are made from sawdust and resin, from a process in its infancy developed by Turners and Moore and Purewhyte. The Sawdust and resin mix is molded under high pressure and heat. The resulting material can then be worked and finished like timber. This process uses a material that would usually be thrown away; using a mould also means a larger shape can be made with less wastage in comparison to solid timber. The complete set of three stools and a small table can be stacked away and also used as a side table. Read More

Nature of Material

Ran Amitai is part of new young Israeli design group Bakery Design .  In this project, single sheets of aluminum are laser cut with fold lines that when folded, transforming the 2D sheet into an organic 3D form. Some areas are allowed to bend naturally in response to the specified fold lines, allowing organic curves to form. Those organic curves add to the structure of the form, creating a rigid surface from as few mechanical folds as possible. Read More

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