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From Within, From Without lamp

October 3, 2012 Modern Lighting

The table lamp explores new forms made possible by the miniaturization of LED technology. 54 LEDs are hidden in a cylindrical lattice structure, making it seem like light is shining through the hexagonal holes from an invisible point within the enclosed space.  Read More

Lighting Architecture

September 13, 2012 Modern Lighting, Product Design

Vibia’s LINK lighting collection is evolving in style and reach: lights now appear naturally from walls and shapes become integrated into the architecture of the ceilings and walls of a space. Designed by Ramón Esteve, LINK plays with beams of light, creating silhouettes and shapes to achieve a very pleasant lighting effect. Read More

Be creative

July 12, 2012 Design Ideas, Modern Lighting

Belgian industrial designer Sep Verboom, has collaborated with Cebu city’s office of environment and waste management to develop the project ‘Fantasized – design for impact’. Read More

Product Tank design

Clever design by Product Tank was inspired by collapsing toys that stand and fall with the press of a button. Clamp Lamp uses an internal system of cables that make it flexible.  The user can bend it, move it, twist it, or turn it to the desired shape or light direction with one simple squeeze. Read More

Design Week in Beirut

June 22, 2012 Design Ideas, Modern Lighting

.PSLAB will be participating in the upcoming Beirut Design Week, going on between June 25th and June 30th 2012.  This is the first ever organized Design Week in Beirut and has the aim of promoting Lebanese designers who have been playing a vital role in the formation of the city’s contemporary design identity and culture. Read More

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