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ReWashLamp by Tó Martins

January 17, 2012 Design Ideas, Modern Lighting

The lamps have for base the washing machine´s drums no longer in use, decorated with various types of materials, to decontextualize them from their usual use or function, giving them a new role. Associated to the main body there is aphotographic tripod which attains a combination of design and functionality. Read More

Interactive luminary

January 10, 2012 Modern Lighting

ORA is a piece that mediates between light and darkness through transparent colour. It is an interactive luminary that engages in experimentation and exploration of coloured  illumination. ORA enables personalisation, for coloured light can have an emotional meaning and therefore can influence the atmosphere in a space. Read More

PSLAB for the boutique hotel in Paris

December 9, 2011 Modern Lighting

PSLAB and Paris-based architect India Mahdavi had the opportunity to light the rooms and dining area of this lately renovated boutique hotel in Paris, France. The products, which were designed and manufactured exclusively for the hotel spaces and restaurant, responded to the physical constraints of the site and integrated with its strong design style. Read More

Miss Wool lamp

December 7, 2011 Design Ideas, Modern Lighting

Miss Wool lamp by Doimo`s Winter-collection which is all about the knitted effect. The lampshade is covered in a tubular knitted wool accessory that can be conveniently removed and washed. The elegant little bow makes this Miss extra charming. Read More

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