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The new age gardening solution

August 4, 2011 Landscaping, Product Design

Designed by Singaporean designer Jerome Arul who is currently a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, Aeroponic is the new age farming and ultra efficient agricultural process where the soil and water become the things of the past. Aeroponic requires an environment that is 100% sterile to keep away from the bacterial infections to the plants and the traditional containers are prone to bacterial growth and algae. Read More

Nifty Modular Wall Coverings

Using a combination of cards and connecting crosses, IXXI allows users to make, build, and install their own wallpaper, room divider, or wall covering in any size. Looking for some inspiration? The site also has a special collection of pre-designed works like this charming Girl With a Pearl Earring pixelart covering. Read More

State of the Art Dishwashers

August 1, 2011 Kitchen Design, Product Design

Kitchen design is one of the most important aspects of home décor: owners and designers have realised that this room is the focal point of many modern homes as people gather there to converse, eat and work. For many homeowners, a gorgeous kitchen is the centrepiece of their design efforts. This makes it important to develop the right design, but also to fill it with good appliances. Dishwashers are no exception to this and anyone refurbishing their kitchen should look into getting a state of the art model. Read More

Creative space

July 22, 2011 Design Ideas, Product Design

SOFTlab designed a creative space for product design company Blue Marlin in 2009. The space featured a circle packed wall made of paper tubes, custom tables, custom lighting, and a flexible felt wall system. Read More

Violet metal flower

July 20, 2011 Design Ideas, Product Design

Sometimes a truly modern interior is one in which a show-stopping, wild-looking, one-off sculptural piece of interior furnishings is used to grab attention and simply and uniquely give a space a new look. Read More

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