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Collection of cement tiles

May 10, 2012 Product Design

Drops is the name of the first collection of cement tiles designed by MUTDESIGN. A new concept of encaustic cement tile floors that reinvents the late nineteenth century flooring technique to suit currents trends.  Read More

Soft Marble Collection by Ron Gilad

May 2, 2012 Product Design

A new and celebrated signature on the international design scene, Ron Gilad, features now in the range of products by Salvatori. The Israeli artist presents the Soft Marble collection, where he has succeeded in bringing out all the technical and expressive potential of marble which, in his hands, becomes a surprisingly versatile and malleable stone. Read More

Marble trays

March 27, 2012 Accessories, Product Design

London-based Shiro studio has developed a series of marble trays, Mare Tranquilitatis, conceived by applying the lunar craters analogy, where every intersecting concavity is metaphorically carved by the mass and weight of the resting objects. Read More

Handmade vases

February 28, 2012 Product Design

Handmade faceted vessels part of Faceture series by Phil Cuttance. Each vases is produced individually by casting a water-based resin into a simple handmade mould. The mould is then manually manipulated to create the each object’s form before each casting, making every piece utterly unique. Read More

Handcrafted monolithic stool

February 9, 2012 Modern Furniture, Product Design

Handcrafted white teak monolithic stool “characterized by the use of irregular and worn pieces of wood. The colourful rope detail, in contrast with the natural main body, permits to move Hug from a room to another and gives a strong personality to a simple ‘piece of wood’. Read More

New stool by Riva

January 19, 2012 Modern Furniture, Product Design

The Bitta stool by Riva showcases wood’s natural beauty. Made of solid wood, available in Briccola and Cedar with metal base. Italian company Riva knows how to bring out natural beauty, with collections of used, recycled and reclaimed materials transformed into stunning, contemporary furnishings. Read More

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